Branding, Illustration, Art Direction, Motion Graphics

Wow Mountain make joy-inducing mini sculptures in Sydney using 3D printing & sustainable materials.

Wow Mountain – where creativity and 3D printing meets nature ✨

Wow Mountain was conceived during a lockdown as a joint project by my partner Josh and I. Aimed at bringing joy to our home and leveraging our creative skills. Josh is an industrial designer with many years experience in 3D printing and I'm on concept sketches, ideas and branding.

Together we design and 3D print mini sculptures from corn-derived bio plastics.

3D printed flower sculpture designed by Wow Mountain. Red base, green fronds, pink fan top and yellow rose flower
Instructions showing how to assemble Wow Flower
Dismantled Mini Wow Flower as it is shipped with instructions and poem about Wow Mountain.
Wow Flower Mini 3D printed flower sitting on concrete plate with a shell and rock beside it.
Wow Mountain interchangeable ring system. Metal ring with 3D prited interchangeable tops.
An image of a hand above the Wow Mountain interchangeable ring system
Illustrations of how to twist ring top onto Wow Mountain interchagenable ring
An instagram story showing the Wow Mountain interchangeable ring system
Wow Mountain gift card
Illustration of 3D printed Cacti by Wow Mountain
3D printed Cacti designed by Wow Mountain on a timber benchtop.
Missy and Josh from Wow Mountain standing at their stall at Semi Permanent June 2023

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